Rosie has new babies

Rosie safely delivered five babies this morning.  They all lok black today, but it is most likely most of them will develop intp B;ack Smoke  
Clara is a Mummy

Our girl Clara delivered four babies very early on 6th June, 2020.  She was mated with Son'o'Theo, our Red Smoke boy.

So far all doing well.

She has one Red Smoke girl. and three cream boys.  I think two of them are cream smoke but one is much paler and could be a cream cameo.

 We need more time to assess them properly. 



New babies born on 9th April, 2020

SPARKLE and DIDI produced three baby boys.  One red smoke two black smoke.

Very good birth weights and so far, all doing very well.

Will post pics after eyes open. 


Emeline has two Babies Born 7th May 2020.   One boy one girl and both Red Smokes.   Their Father is Theo.


Clara has four babies  Their father is Son'o'Theo   


Rosie has five babies born 20.06,20 .  The Father is Grand Wizard Theodore. 


Four kittens of Grand Champion Sunlit Sparkle X Grand Champion Remilakat Son O'Theo: Gabriel, Bella, Vivienne, and Jane, born on 3rd May 2019, available after 5th August 2019 


We have 14 babies born this year; six boys and eight girls.

Florence has one boy and five girls.

Honey has one Exotic girl. 

Sparkle has four boys and two girls.

Minnie has one boy.  


Since 10th January, 2012, we have been located in Horley, Surrey.  We own a small hobby cattery and have been specialising in breeding persian cats since 1986.   Our speciality is Cameo's and Smokes, and we are...

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